10 Class Intro to Wing Chun

Want to find out if Intuitive Wing Chun’s training style is what you have been looking for before joining? Undertake 10 classes where you will be introduced to some of the key principles of Wing Chun passed down by the lineage of Grandmaster Ip Chun. You will learn Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma, Lin Wan Kuen, first section of the Siu Nim Tao, Juen Ma Kuen, Biu Ma Kuen, Dan Chi Sao and the 8 principles of Wing Chun. If by the end of the 10 classes you want to continue you will be invited to discuss your training goals with Sifu Antonella and start your journey with Intuitive Wing Chun.

Intuitive Wing Chun brings a whole new dimension into martial arts training. Sifu Antonella connects you with the elements of mind, body and soul but also appeals to those that want the benefits of self defence but not in a harsh or aggressive format. It’s an approach the has been practiced from the beginning but with societies social norms and expectation this unique way of practising self defence has been lost. Sifu Antonella teaches in harmony through  yin and yang, hard and soft with explanations and opportunities to physically practice your techniques with other students with control and pure well meaning intent.

Every stereotype you have of a female kung fu instructor will be demolished. Sifu Antonella opens up a whole new way of learning Wing Chun without loosing or changing what she has been taught but going deeper into your mindset and challenging your beliefs that are holding you back from accessing all parts of you. Discover how you can live a more authentic life while being in your power and living with grace. Being taught by a female certified instructor is rare and you will enjoy the insights and different perspectives shared by Sifu Antonella.

Learn a traditional art form whilst applying the philosophies in your modern life. Intuitive Wing Chun captures the spirit of the Chinese traditions mixed with unpretentious and straight to the point teachings.

Wing Chun gives you skills that go beyond the training room. You will learn high quality Wing Chun that will be deep, insightful and applicable.

The benefits will positively impact your relationship with yourself and others around you.