Wing Chun is based on principles of using structure
and technique rather than muscle strength

Historical background

According to legend, a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui developed Wing Chun about 300 years ago after witnessing an altercation between a snake and a white crane. Ng Mui combined her knowledge of Shao Lin Kung Fu with her observations of these animals’ natural fighting styles to come up with this new system of self-defence.

As the story goes, Ng Mui first taught Wing Chun to a young woman friend who needed to defend herself against an imposed marriage she did not want to enter into. Having succeeded in thwarting her own capture, Ng Mui’s first student went on to marry the man she really did love and she taught him the martial art form. Together, they went on to teach Wing Chun to others.

The first Wing Chun Master to openly teach the art in classes was Yip Man, in Hong Kong. His students and their students make up the majority of the practitioners of Wing Chun today. Yip Man lived until 1972 and his students include the famous martial artist, Bruce Lee.

Antonella Spatola began her Wing Chun training in 1996, under the Brisbane lineage of Grandmaster Ip Chun. In 2013 Antonella made the decision to cut her ties with her former teacher of 17 years and asked Grandmaster Ip Chun if she could train directly under him. Grandmaster Ip Chun was welcoming and gracious when he said to Antonella to not be sad and it is normal for the student to seek another teacher that respects the students journey instead of the teacher dictating their students martial arts path.

Antonella established Intuitive Wing Chun in Brisbane in 2014. She has now been training in this style of Kung Fu for over 22 years. Antonella regularly travels to Hong Kong to reinforce these teaching connections and to learn from the Grandmaster and his senior students from around the world.

About Wing Chun

Wing Chun is based on ingenious principles of conserving strength and using structure and correct technique rather than brute muscle strength. As a student you learn to detach yourself from the belief that you require physical strength and rather build faith in being able to depend on your physical structure when up against a physically stronger opponent. It becomes an even game, remembering that if faced with a physical attack you need to execute your defence and then get away as quick as you can without holding the ‘hero’ mentality. You use your Wing Chun to defend yourself and the vulnerable. Wing Chun is perfect for women and children as they often find Wing Chun easier to learn than men do because, unlike men, they typically are not conditioned to rely on their physical strength. As a result, for men learning the system it can be often more challenging and requires more patience but consequently is also more satisfying.

At her Intuitive Wing Chung Kung Fu School, Antonella also encourages practising mindfulness whilst learning Wing Chun, through your practice you can gain clarity and find purpose in your life which enables you to live a more fulfilling life. That may mean:

  • becoming aware of habits that are taking you away from living a more purposeful life e.g watching too much tv
  • changing your limiting beliefs, which will direct you  towards making wiser and better decisions
  • taking proactive steps to take control of your health
  • not feeling guilty investing in yourself so you feel fulfilled, allowing enough of you to share with others.

Antonella uses a holistic approach when teaching so you can gain not just physical skills but control over your mindset!

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