Certified Wing Chun Kung Fu and
Empowerment through Self Defence Instructor

Moving Meditation

Want to mediate but can’t sit still? When you do mediate do you feel like you just want to fall asleep? You won’t in this class. Do you know that by mediating and getting away from the daily grind will actually make you perform better? Leave your stresses outside the room because you will become relaxed and focused on unifying the movement of the body whilst calming your busy mind. This is and insightful class where you can meditate through your Siu Nim Tao (Little Idea) with dimmed lights and soothing background music. You will be guided to relax deeper and experiment with your natural energy whilst using all your senses to become more tuned in to your personal space.

Intuition is a becoming a popular and sought after subject matter with more and more research done on this legitimate natural part of our being. The difference compared to all our other body parts is that it cannot be seen like our other natural body functions like the nervous system, digestive system etc. Our intuitive field lies within our energetic realm which naturally connects to all our other senses.

Our intuition is always there even if we have never consciously ‘listened’ to it. The beautiful thing is that it never is too late to become reacquainted with your intuition.

By listening to your intuition you are listening to your instincts. The part that has been shut down by societies, family and educational institutions.

Antonella’s moving meditation class allows you to get quiet, release any self doubt and not be distracted by the outside influences so you can meditate and focus your attention inwards.

Our body is the vehicle to listening to our intuition. We experience physical sensations that let us know that our intuition is talking to us. Everyone will experience this communication differently, through sounds, visions, physical sensation through our body or by gut feel and many times this leads to an inner sense of ‘just knowing’.

The more you practice listening to your intuition the more you are able to make better decisions that serve your higher purpose.

You will find that by practicing and developing your intuition you will assimilate your life with your true nature and your purpose. Your life will align to your natural state of flow.

By becoming more attuned to your intuition and combining this with your Wing Chun practice you will be able to be more confident and capable to deal with any stressful situations.

If you want to experience the yin side of your Wing Chun practice this class is for you.

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Women’s Only Empowered Self Defence – 16 and over

This weekly class is for the women who want to learn how to protect themselves. This class is fun and you will feel stronger, confident and it will empower you by realising the self defence is not complex. You will familiarise yourself with techniques that are effective and easy to learn

Antonella recently attended in New York a 6 day instructors bootcamp learning concepts and techniques on the methods of Empowerment through Self Defence.

You will receive useful advise and insights on how you can use your natural body structure that gives you instant feedback. The classes prepare you to cope with different types of violence; physical, verbal, sexual, emotional and lets you identify sources of strength, boundaries and emphasis on your self worth.

The challenge is to turn up.  Learn self defence from Antonella and you will be learning to become aware of all the various ways you can use your body to defend yourself through your body, voice and body language.

You will also learn non violent forms of self defence which can be used for non physical attacks.

These classes are designed with your needs in mind. Information will be valuable and  shaped in a way that is easy to understand and apply. You will have more confidence in yourself and a sense of protecting your boundaries.

Start today and soon you will start to notice that you will feel more grounded, focused and negative self talk will be eliminated. You will also develop core strength and learn to not be afraid to stand up for yourself.

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Open Class – all levels

Open to anyone over 16 and to all fitness levels. Intuitive Wing Chun’s open class welcomes everyone with an open mind and a keen desire to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu from Sifu Antonella.

In Sifu Antonella’s school there are no formal gradings and dysfunctional competition is discouraged. The only healthy competition supported is one with yourself to enhance your inner develoment and you will be a supportive non violent training partner to your kung fu brothers and sisters. You will learn the principles of Wing Chun and become part of a class that supports and grows together. Each class is different but generally class starts with a quick and light warm up, Siu Nim Tao and then a combination of applications, drills, chi sau and forms. As part of the school there will be opportunities to train outside of the classroom and join Antonella and her students at Yum Cha, training in nature, demonstrating at public events visit Grandmaster Ip Chun and his senior students in Hong Kong and participate in community events.

Tuesday  7:15pm to 9pm – only $25 per class.

Please get in touch direct with Sifu Antonella for the address – 042 331 0471 .

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Private One on One Wing Chun Lessons with Sifu Antonella

If you don’t have time to learn in a class, or you’re not from Brisbane and just visiting  or just prefer to train one on one with Sifu Antonella, book a one on one training session with her.

Use this time to focus purely on training your Wing Chun or combine it with some personal development and gain insight to your own psyche.

You are accountable for your own training. The skills and techniques you will  be taught are your responsibility to  continue practicing in your own time. Don’t depend on Sifu Antonella to keep you motivated and reach our goals. However if you have questions or need guidance she wants you to keep in contact so you don’t get into bad habits.

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Kids Self Defence Class

If your child is over 5 years old, they love being part of small class and want to learn how to use their body to learn how to set boundaries and use physical skills through kung fu and self defence then this class is perfect.

Fun, focused, flexible and integrating a variety of developmental applications from psychology, neuropsychology, sociology and non violent communication your child will steadily become aware of how to identify inappropriate advances and be able to respond accordingly.

Taught by Sifu Antonella who holds a degree in psychology and is a certified mediator in conflict resolution your child will be able to express their individuality in a safe, non judgmental and respectful class.

They will also learn some basic Chinese traditions to emulate respect for themselves and others, consideration for others and mindfulness.

An hour class that captures the harmony between making learning fun and focusing on discipline and taking responsibility for your own learning.

No two classes will be the same due to the nature of working with children.

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8 Class Introduction

Want to find out if Intuitive Wing Chun training style is what you have been looking for before joining? Undertake 8 classes where you will be introduced to some of the key principles of Wing Chun passed down by the lineage of Grandmaster Ip Chun. You will learn Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma, Lin Wan Kuen, first section of the Siu Nim Tao, Juen Ma Kuen, Biu Ma Kuen, Dan Chi Sao and the 8 principles of Wing Chun. If by the end of the 8 classes you want to continue you will be invited to discuss your training goals with Sifu Antonella and start your journey with Intuitive Wing Chun.

Intuitive Wing Chun brings a whole new dimension into martial arts training. Sifu Antonella connects you with the elements of mind, body and soul but also appeals to those that want the benefits of self defence but not in a harsh or aggressive format. It’s an approach the has been practiced from the beginning but with societies social norms and expectation this unique way of practising self defence has been lost. Sifu Antonella teaches in harmony through  yin and yang, hard and soft with explanations and opportunities to physically practice your techniques with other students with control and intent. Every stereotype you have of a female kung fu instructor will be demolished. Sifu Antonella opens up a whole new way of learning Wing Chun without loosing or changing what she has been taught but going deeper into you mindsets and challenging your beliefs that are holding you back from accessing all parts of you. Discover how you can live a more authentic life while being in your power and living with grace. Being taught by a female certified instructor is rare and you will enjoy the insights and different perspectives shared by Sifu Antonella.

Learn a traditional art form whilst applying the philosophies in your modern life. Intuitive Wing Chun captures the spirit of the Chinese traditions mixed with unpretentious and straight to the point teachings.

Wing Chun gives you skills that go beyond the training room. You will learn high quality Wing Chun that will be deep, insightful and applicable.

The benefits will positively impact your relationship with yourself and others around you.

General Information

  1. Attend class at least 5 minutes early
  2. Do not enter whilst the Moving Mediation class is on – wait for door to open
  3. If you are late come in seamless join the class without disrupting the class flow
  4. Wear your club shirt with appropriate footwear at all times
  5. Never talk negatively of other schools, instructors nor other students
  6. Keep your talking to a minimum and be aware that you don’t overshare your private experiences in class. Keep you storytelling outside of class times
  7. If you are unwell use the time to stay home for a quick recovery
  8. Always attend class with a high level of hygiene
  9. Bring your own water, towel and spare shirt in summer
  10. Use the antibacterial lotion to avoid the spread of germs
  11. Be a good training partner and whilst partnering up always show respect and pure intention to support and encourage each other
  12. Any physical discontent between students will not be tolerated and will be instant dismissal of the club
  13. Be mindful of being above the line. Show Accountability, Willingness and Responsibly for your learning
  14. If you are coming from another martial art school you will follow the schools way of teaching and choose to learn the Intuitive Wing Chun way of training

Please bring the signed membership form to your first class.