ESD – Empowered Self Defence

Martial Arts essentially is a traditional practice which is refined over many years with focus, discipline aiming to reach a high level of skill. There is no denying the benefits of learning a martial art over many years. It deepens a connection between mind, body and soul and ignites the warrior within which protects you from the voices in your head that stop you from getting out of your comfort zone to live your life with purpose.

As most martial arts were developed by men, Wing Chun was developed by a female. A Chinese Buddhist nun named Ng Mui. A system that promotes utelising your natural body structure  effectively and without using brute force. In addition to teaching Wing Chun, Antonella offers Empowerment Self Defence  (ESD) courses developed by El HaLev. Antonella recently attended a 6 day instructors camp in New York to learn about the principles of ESD from ESD Global and in November just gone  in London to participate in adrenaline based training.

ESD was also founded by  women for other women to offer skills that address any type of violence directed toward them. These violations can include boundary violations, sexual harassment and assault. ESD also discusses the psychological and emotional impacts that are insidious if not acknowledged and dealt with.

The biggest difference between martial arts training and ESD training is that in martial arts you become an expert in your field. Long hours, many years, financial investment, sacrifices and serious responsibilities for your growth. ESD is targeted at women, children and minority groups including males that are open to learning and sharing with their communities. The advantage of  ESD training is that it is fast, practical, effective and easy to learn.

There are several things one must not ignore about ESD training. We empower the individual to get connected with their inner self to create a healthy bond between their inner self worth and their outer expression of staying in their power to advocate for themselves.

Harassment is prevalent and by calling it out as a violation to our individual rights it allows for a shift of consciousness in our society. ESD empowers the individual to learn easy to apply techniques which encompasses the whole being and not with the mindset of defending violence with violence but brining it to the consciousness and learning to utilise the voice, body language, intelligence, sense of boundary setting and our physical being with an integral approach called non violent communication (NVC).

Antonella’s varied background in martial arts, psychology, conflict resolution, mediation, coaching, counselling, training, events management and mind, body and soul therapies opens up conversations around self-defense practice and how a holistic approach is best when dealing with such diverse and disempowering social issues.

Twenty two years of martial arts experience and success in the personal development area, Antonella has the ideal set of rich and diverse skills which makes her way of teaching relatable and professional.

Teaching martial arts and teaching self defence are 2 different conversations. When Antonella teaches Wing Chun it is to provide the student with a focus on awareness of their skill and honing specific skills and techniques which with countless hours of dedication and focus which allows the student to make this a way of life for them.

With self defence training the emphasis is not on honing specific skills but to be aware that the attacks are very different from how a martial arts students trains for a fight. Attacks include emotional manipulations which is very different from how a martial artists trains which is more targeted at physical fighting.

Empowerment Self Defence is an application of self defence which was developed with women and other minority populations in mind. ESD teaches practical skills whilst embracing the physical, emotional, spiritual and social-cultural aspects of the individual to cope with unwanted attention.

ESD training provides the individual with a rich tool box of skills derived from ones physical and psychological aspects to respond to a variety of attacks from for example, strangers, colleagues, friends, family, acquaintances from verbal harassment to typical physical attacks.

We teach with the intention that the individual holds the power within to be able to be empowered by teaching strategies so they get connected with their inner source of power and to walks through life not with fear but with the belief they are worthy of defending.

Classes are hands-on and we work with individuals with every organisation to offer a tailor made program that fits in with their model and being mindful of any cultural sensitivities.

As stated by El HaLev – The El HaLev method for self-defence was born from the synthesis between women’s everyday realities, feminist ideology and sensitivity to the psychology of women and other high-risk populations. It is rooted in personal and group empowerment, and it draws from the world of holistic body-mind-consciousness connection that can be found in the bedrock of the martial arts.

Over the years, in response to the need that arose from society, the programs were expanded to include additional co-ed audiences; teenagers, children, people with a disabilities and seniors that can receive the tools that are appropriate for them and realise their inherent right to live in safety and dignity.”

Some Unique Characteristics:

  • Strives to provide a response for various types violence; physical, sexual. emotional, verbal and financial
  • Emphasises tools that enable students to identify and put a stop to risky situations ion their beginning stages, to prevent a need to use physical techniques, with an emphasis awareness; red flags, risky situations, healthy and unhealthy relationships, sensations and more.
  • Provide both physical and emotional techniques to identify sources if strength, desires, personal spaces and boundaries , and consent or lack thereof, as an important base for emotional safety
  • Teaches students to use their voices, state clear messages, use confident body language and communicate assertively.
  • Teaches unique physical techniques that are adapted to the student and utilise the strengths of their body regardless of gender, age against the weakness of the perpetrators body
  • Strengthens the students natural self-defence skills; for example – utilising the individuals emotional and intuitive power
  • Provides tools for coping with the freeze response, fear, confusion and embarrassment commonly experienced during sexual harassment or assault

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