Kids Self-Defence

“Measured, calm and thoughtful were my first impressions when I met Antonella and I wasn’t wrong. This was evident in her approach to teaching my son, each session was constructed to ensure that his interests and needs were met. Antonella was able to impart her heartfelt wisdom onto him during their sessions and I would recommend her as a wonderful and wise Kung-Fu teacher.” S.K Mother of  5 year old with delayed learning disability.

Currently taking one on one bookings. Once a venue is confirmed regular  kids classes will be on offer. Contact Antonella if you have any questions.

Antonella is genuinely passionate about teaching your child self-defence because there are so many benefits to learning that impact other areas of their life including how they relate with themselves, family, friends and the world around them.

Not only do they learn skills and form healthy habits your child gains a healthy character which transcends into other areas of their life to give them confidence to reach their true potential now and into their adult life.

As Australia’s only female Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor (certified in Hong Kong) and Australia’s only qualified Empowerment Self Defence Instructor (trained in New York and London), Antonella encourages children, teenagers and adults to become proactive and learn self-defence which develops confidence, courage, empathy, body language, voice control, mindfulness and learning to trust your own intuition.

Antonella has been training in Wing Chun since 1996. The legend states Wing Chun Kung Fu was developed by a Buddhist Nun in China and uses the natural body structure. It is easy to learn and effective and does not rely on physical strength.

Antonella has also taught vision impaired, individuals with physical disabilities and individuals with mental health issues and has the professional skills to deal with challenging behaviours. No minority group is deprived of benefiting from participating in self defence classes.

Learning martial arts early in life is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Learning self defence with Antonella however is quite unique. Antonella has a degree in psychology, is a qualified conflict resolution mediator, was a Soul TV panel expert on martial arts, a published writer for Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine, coach and mentor, international events organiser and cofounder/trainer for Modern Wisdom. A training organisation that teaches individuals insights into how they think, feel and behave based on their neuropsychology.

With Antonella, kids flourish in self-defence and martial arts training.

Here are 10 reasons how your child will benefit from attending classes;

1. Improves physical fitness and coordination.

In a self-defence program, kids are active. The locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative movements develop gross and fine motor skills and therefore result in a holistic improvement in fitness and physicality. Kids benefit from improved coordination, strength, agility, balance, flexibility, cardio, speed, and reactive and bursting power. And this physical development makes a life-long difference: children who are physically capable and confident grow in to adults who are physically capable and confident.

2. Teaches concentration, discipline and respect.

Martial arts and self-defence are widely acknowledged for their ability to cultivate concentration, discipline and respect in their students. The students need to listen to their instructor, sit still, stand straight, stand in a line, wait patiently, take turns, and possibly use terms of respect such as ‘Sifu” and acknowledge their instructor and their opponents as a show of respect.

3. Develops confidence
 in a self-defence.

Children are constantly learning new skills, and each one should be a little more challenging than the one learnt before. Not everything is easy and developing these skills can take practice. But developing new skills leads to confidence and pride in one’s abilities. A good instructor also praises children for their effort and good work which builds confidence.

4. Develops assertiveness, tenacity and determination

Mastering new skills, such as physical abilities and self-defence techniques, requires assertiveness, tenacity and determination. Kids have to be prepared to give it a go, keep trying, work through failure, try harder, see others succeed, make small improvements, until they experience success. A good self-defence program will also help children develop determination through drills that push them to succeed past the point of their preconceived limitations and assumptions.

5. Develops communication, listening and social skills

Listening and following instructions are fundamental aspects of a self-defence program, and a good self-defence program is going to place a lot of emphasis on teaching children to ‘speak up for themselves’. In addition, even though self-defence and martial arts are ‘individual’ activities, they are delivered in a structured group environment, which means, interacting with others, developing friendships and learning group behaviour such as turn taking, supporting each other, being kind, respect for each other etc.

6. Teaches nutrition, anatomy and hygiene

In a physical program that encourages movement, it is easy to reinforce why we need to eat well to give our bodies fuel for playing. And a good self-defence program is also an opportunity to teach anatomy (left, right, body parts etc) and hygiene (cut your fingernails, wash your hands etc).

7. Teaches spatial concepts

For small children, a self-defence program is also a fantastic vehicle for teaching spatial concepts which are essential for children as they take their first big steps into the world. (Spatial awareness means an understanding of the child compared to their surroundings, such as up, down, forward, backward, in, out, stop, go etc.)

8. Teaches awareness of danger.

A good self-defence program will teach awareness of danger, and in particular, that it is much better to avoid a problem than to have to solve one. In self-defence for kids, the children learn to use their eyes and their ears to be aware of their situation, for instance, aware of the road and cars, or keeping close to a trusting adult. This is the most important aspect of self-defence for kids. If they are aware of themselves and aware of things that could mean danger, they have the best chance of staying safe.

9. Teaches gentle solutions to bullying and rough play

Sometimes an ‘attack’ is rough play, like siblings wrestling or getting too rowdy; and sometimes an attack is bullying or fighting which can really hurt. Either way, when we’re talking about kids at home or in the childcare centre or in the playground, the last thing we want is any child getting hurt. So a good self-defence program teaches gentle solutions for when the child is being ‘attacked’ by another child. A good program emphasises using voice and non-violent ways to protect their personal space. And at the end of the day, this means we’re teaching non-violent conflict resolution skills – and that’s handy for life!

10. Helps kids to stay safe and avoid accidents

And finally, a good self-defence program will be holistic. After all, there is not much point teaching a child self-defence if they don’t know to stay off the road. Through self-defence, we can develop a child’s awareness across a broad range of safety topics, including road safety, water safety, sun safety, electricity, burns, etc and of course, stranger danger and concepts of personal body protection (e.g. from my top to my toes, I say what goes).

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Empowerment Self Defence is a method of self defence originally developed for women and other populations perceived as vulnerable, which teaches practical skills relating to the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social-cultural factors of coping with unwanted situations.

Classes are hands on and can be tailored for every age, they do not require prior experience or a level of physical fitness and are taught in a way that is sensitive to culture and tradition.

The self defence program Antonella offers is a synthesis between women’s everyday realities, feminist ideology and sensitivity to the psychology of women and other high-risk populations including children. It is rooted in personal and group empowerment, and it draws from the world of holistic body-mind-consciousness connection that can be found in the bedrock of the martial arts.

Antonella would love to connect with your child and teach them that self defence is fun, important and beneficial.

No belts, or uniforms or gradings and every class is different.

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