Degree in Psychology, Mediator in Conflict Resolution, Holistic Counsellor

Individual Coaching

Coaching Programs

Lead Your Self  min. 3 sessions

Are you lacking self confidence? Do you feel like you don’t meet societies expectations and don’t feel you fit in a box? Confused if you are natural leader or not. Do you want to worry less about what other people think of you?

All these questions will be explored when you book for the 3 Lead Your Self sessions with Antonella. 

Discover your own unique and natural leadership style so you can be in flow with the tough decisions you need to make to lead a more purposeful and stress free life.

Core Belief Initiation min. 3 sessions

What are the core beliefs you live your life by? Have you ever sat down and actually wrote your beliefs on paper?

Once you established your core beliefs you can start making better decisions that are aligned with your true purpose. Get grounded and focused and let your core beliefs guide you to a more fulfilled life

The Hero Within Yourself min. 3 sessions

How many people do you look up to? How many times do you wish you could be just like them?  Ever wonder what makes these people confident and successful? Do you want to know how you can do the same? Do you want feel proud of yourself and have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone?  Delve into the areas of your personality to find the hero in you. 

Invest in your Love Account min. 3 sessions

Feel like everyone else’s needs come before yours? Don’t know how to say no? Want to set healthy boundaries and not let others suck all your energy away including your loved ones ?

Learn self management strategies and tools to make you come first without feeling guilty. Embrace the whole of you so you can turn up completely full of energy, motivation and inspiration for yourself first and then everyone else.

When you purchase a bundle of 3 your first session will be 90 minutes.

Session 2 and 3 will be 60 minutes

 3 Sessions $290.00 Book Coaching

Coaching – Quick success sessions

Philosophies of Wing Chun   1 session

Have you practiced Wing Chun but never took time out to fully understand the 10 principles which stand in the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Grandmaster Ip Chun training hall?

Sit down with Sifu Antonella over a cup of Chinese tea and discuss each principle in depth and how you can apply it into your everyday life.

Follow Your Social Media 1 session

Are you starting a business and want to gain an organic following? Don’t have a clue as to what to do with your social media? Feel like it’s the right thing to do but not sure how to start? 60 minutes with Antonella will kick start your journey into the future of self promotion and success.

Presenter Stance 1 session

Do you have a speaking gig coming up or do you need some practical and easy to learn strategies to make you feel more control and confident in front of an audience? Antonella has assisted in coaching of presenter workshops and she can teach you how to prepare for your next gig.

1 Session $130.00 Book Coaching

Coaching – Ongoing

Ongoing Coaching $130.00 90 minutes for your first session.

60 minutes at $110.00 thereafter

First Session $130.00 Book Coaching
Session thereafter $110.00 Book Coaching