Clients spanning from Brisbane, Canberra, Estonia and Costa Rica, Antonella offers one on one coaching over the phone or in person if you’re in Brisbane.

Personality Profiling

Antonella has a high level perspectives and a very calm demeanour that is flexible, adaptive, creative and stable. She can make you see things from an empowering perspective that will give you insight to what has driven you to make decisions that may not have been serving your higher good.

Know Thyself – Plato

Antonella has a theory and that is……the more time and energy you spend on getting to know who you truly are the deeper your self belief (roots of a tree) is and as you live your life regardless of any negative comments, energy or situation because your roots are so deeply embedded you will not falter nor fall because you are weak or unsure of yourself.

Antonella since her divorce has done a lot of introspection into her own life and her psychology. She has come to realise that 1. It was all meant to be; the good and the bad 2. Accepting all of you as you are is the secret to living according to your own rules 3. Not everyone is going to agree or support what you do but you need to be your own number one fan. Who are you? Find out by booking a coaching session with Antonella.