Chi Sau With GM Ip Chun’s eldest son

#sartonk My good friend Ed in New York owns his own Boxing belt making business. Such a powerful piece to wear.

Ed and I in Little China Town in Manhattan Aug 2018

China Town, New York at Columbus Park

Henry from Moy Yat lineage came to Florida to train with us. Such beautiful soul that as a lot of wisdom to share. Henry’s been an Godsend to my spiritual Wing Chun

Ed made this happen. Being part of Sifu Chow’s class was an honour to share my experience with other Wing Chun brothers and sisters.

Sifu Chow from Integrated Wing Chun in New York. Never have I met a Sifu that was so openly gracious and welcoming to his class. I look forward to meeting him again soon.

ESD Training at YMCA Huegnot NY 2018

Columbus Park, Chinatown Manhattan Aug 2018

Integrated Wing Chun with Sifu Chow and his students. Such an honour to have met such a dedicated group of Wing Chun’ers

Honouring ‘The Fallen” at Ground Zero. Share the Wing Chun love

My Soulful Wing Chun Friend and training partner in New Jersey. Ed and I have become great friends through our philosophies and life attitudes.

Soul Fridays were such fun way to share the Wing Chun philosophies to people that have never done a martial arts before.

Filming on Soul TV. As an introvert this was challenging but I also learnt so much about how to deliver information that was interesting and useful.

Principles of Wing Chun can support those even if you don’t practice. They are Universal principles that can help in all areas of your life.

Stanley Markets – Traditional Chomp

GM Ip Chun statue

At Sihing Raymond’s Class

Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe

Alongside 3 gentlemen in Wing Chun

Love the City Lights in HK

Traditional Buddhist Artwork

Train Hard. Eat Hard

HK in Lights

Traditional circle at the Peak