I met Julianna on my way to work while I was changing radio stations. She was on Brisbane’s most highly rated commercial radio stations as a guest reader. The way she passed on the information to the listner was very pragmatic and matter of fact. I loved her no nonsense approach, she said it how it was whilst still being gracious and professional.

Since then I have attended her workshops, worked with her and her team on Soul TV and she is still one of the few people in my life I trust and still learn from. These days Julianna is pursuing her business Cantara Global, a full service media and marketing company launching Australian and New Zealand businesses in China and South Korea.

Apart from being a savvy CEO she is also Australia’s leading Intuitive Behavioural Expert. I have learnt so much from Julianna, hence calling my school Intuitive Wing Chun because I believe you have a responsibility to listen to your intuition if you need to defend yourself from any form of attack – emotional, psychological including spiritual.

Below is her definition of what Intuition is. You can subscribe to her newsletter here

I will also be helping organise a screening in Brisbane in the near future of the truly insightful documentary PGS – Your Personal Guidance System produced by Bill Bennet. If you would like to see the movie send me an email to register your name. One of my favourite modern philosopher’s Caroline Myss features in the movie she also tells it how it is.

What Exactly Is Intuition?
September 5, 2018

Julianna Suranyi

A while ago I had polled people on Facebook about what intuition was to them. 52 answered that it was a feeling/ instinct they got; 6 said it was their brain telling them what to do and no-one said it was complete rubbish! But what exactly is intuition? Here is my definition below.

The dictionary definition of intuition is ‘rapid and ready internal insight’ and ‘the act or process of coming into knowledge without reasoning or interference.’ It is derived from the Latin word intueri, which means to see within.

In philosophy, intuition is the power of obtaining information and knowledge that cannot be acquired through any inference, observation or slant through reason and experience. It is therefore a pure communication within your Souls and with your Guides or your Source.

My definition is that it is a way of knowing or sensing your environment and truth without logically knowing why.

To me, it is the ability to sense, feel or receive vision about something or someone. Intuition can communicate to us through various forms including symbols, feelings and emotions. It usually does not literally speak, yet has a clear language.

We all have intuition. We are all born with it.

We often use it as children and then over the programming of time, cultures, environment or nurturing we rationalise and put it away; a bit if not a lot. But as children we do not know any differently so we run on it and follow our gut. As we grow we justify and reason why we should not take in our gut compulsion and therefore dilute its strength.

We can ignore it, leave it, cast it aside – but like a muscle that was once limber and useful, the cellular memory retention is there and by exercising it again its strength will come back.

Let Logic Go

People who are not metaphysically or spiritually aware will often refer to intuition as following their gut instinct. What occurs within the conscious mind is, more often than not, about survival and not much more.

Beyond this conscious mind though there is so much more for us to tap into. We deal with what we know and don’t know by lumping our thoughts and beliefs into broad categories and we treat these somewhat symbolically. What we do not understand or see with the logical mind we tend to put on a pedestal and treat as either good or bad, God or Devil, deliberate or not.

It can be very frustrating when we are getting intuitive messages but not getting the logical reasoning along with it. When a person first registers or becomes alert to their intuitive message it may be disturbing and frustrating to decipher the importance or even non-importance of the message.

I find that explanations of the messages really do come on a ‘need to know’ basis from Spirit. When the big, more important messages come along you will know these as you just have to let logic go, follow them and often your heart. It is a compulsion to follow.

Learn To Listen

By following through on your everyday little hunches, gut feelings and random strong thoughts you are road-testing your intuition and indirectly fine tuning your internal listening skills.

Listening to your intuition is the essence of where art, inspiration, writing, solutions, ideas and other levels of creating, both academically and imaginatively, come from. Intuition is what you use to travel the multi-purposes of your life that culminate in the grand blue print of your Soul’s journey.

When you listen to your intuition it will connect you to a higher source of information, life direction and knowledge than you are currently living with. Your intuition has all your necessary answers within its capacity. It:
has an overview of where you are meant to be and what your heart needs to function at its optimum.
can provide an island of peace during chaos, bring you harmony, help you to cope with but not tap into negativity and give you the confidence to take action when you have previously sat in inaction.
is also an invaluable guide in creating your dream life and the steps needed to fulfil it.
So ask yourself what you are ignoring that needs to be paid attention within your body; what part of you wants to excel; and how you encourage that. Then ask your Guides or Source to gently, over the next 12 hours, provide you with the steps to begin working on this.