Based in Kowloon in Hong Kong, Grandmaster Ip Chun continues to attend his classes without fail. Humble, skilful with a great sense of humour it is an honour to train under him and his senior students. I have been blessed to have started my trips to Hong Hong in 1998 and continue to do them with the next one in April 2019. There is still so much knowledge to learn and grateful for all the time I have spent in my previous trips gaining knowledge and making life long friends.


Based in Midlands in the UK, Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe has become my mentor and life long friend through the Wing Chun. Sharing a mutual respect for Wing Chun and its tradition through our values and beliefs he is one of the few in the world that has been passed on the whole system by Grandmaster Ip Chun and has maintained its purity with integrity.


Attending the ESD camp in New York has been a pivotal moment in y life to date regarding self defence. ESD Global Camp is unique week-long intensive program for Self-Defense Instructors, both aspiring and experienced, who want to develop their skills to deliver Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) training in their communities. I cannot speak highly enough of this organisation and am committed to bringing the mission into my own community.


Based in Nashville, USA Liz and her partner Cat offer a variety of self -defence, weapons and security training. I met Liz at the ESD Global camp on New York and now regard her as one of my soul  sisters in Martial Arts.

Based in Toronto, Canada the philosophy is that the same technique can be applied regardless of the weapons used. Also from ESD Global camp JB head instructor has now become my sister from another mother.

Based in New York Sifu Chow has strong ties to Wing Chun in Hong Kong. Very gracious and welcoming Sifu Chow was an important part of my visit to New York in August, 2018.