Modern Wisdom TCC

Modern Wisdom Training, Coaching and Consultancy is proud to offer you this transformational training opportunity, filled with valuable insights into the complex world of how we understand ourselves and others.
Applying these insights, you can reliably create conditions and environments both at home and work that can enhance your learning – and earnings – by making dramatic improvements in your personal and professional lives.

What is “Modern Wisdom”?
Our approach and services draw on two sources of knowledge that are mutually reinforcing.
Traditional Wisdom, developed and refined over the course of centuries before being handed down to our era, is combined with the most Modern work in neuroscience, psychology and other related fields of human behaviour.
Together, this integrated Modern Wisdom provides unparalleled insight into how we think, feel and behave, both as individuals and teams.

Your learning opportunity
For years this training has been primarily available only to senior leadership teams of large and global organisations. Now with Modern Wisdom, this information is available to you and your organisation, whatever its size.
What you get is a safe and engaging environment in which you not only learn the framework (Neuropower TM), but where participants come together to learn from each other’s experiences. Linking theory and practice via personal revelations and stories shared while exploring the framework together provides a multi-layered and accelerated learning experience.

In these workshops you will:
Identify your patterns of “knee-jerk” emotional reactivity and ways to better manage them
Learn the six universal “cognitive social needs” that are the building blocks of our lives and identities, as well as reliable ways to satisfy them, both for yourself and others
Meet your own personal Genius and find out how it can help you live a more fulfilling life
Discover how to consciously access the Wisdom that’s hardwired into your particular character
The insights offered in this workshop are applicable immediately, and at multiple levels:
SELF – Personal and Professional Development to increase your satisfaction and personal effectiveness
OTHERS – Leadership Development that improves your capability to effectively manage, lead and emotionally engage with other people, at work and at home
GROUPS – Organisational Development applications to promote strategic alignment with responsive and effective group interactions

No prior experience, study or level of education is required to significantly benefit from this training.
Register your interest today to secure your seat at our next available training date.

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