Moving Meditation

Want to mediate but can’t sit still? When you do mediate do you feel like you just want to fall asleep? You won’t in this class. Do you know that by mediating and getting away from the daily grind will actually make you perform better? Leave your stresses outside the room because you will become relaxed and focused on unifying the movement of the body whilst calming your busy mind. This is and insightful class where you can meditate through your Siu Nim Tao (Little Idea) with dimmed lights and soothing background music. You will be guided to relax deeper and experiment with your natural energy whilst using all your senses to become more tuned in to your personal space.

Intuition is a becoming a popular and sought after subject matter with more and more research done on this legitimate natural part of our being. The difference compared to all our other body parts is that it cannot be seen like our other natural body functions like the nervous system, digestive system etc. Our intuitive field lies within our energetic realm which naturally connects to all our other senses.

Our intuition is always there even if we have never consciously ‘listened’ to it. The beautiful thing is that it never is too late to become reacquainted with your intuition.

By listening to your intuition you are listening to your instincts. The part that has been shut down by societies, family and educational institutions.

Antonella’s moving meditation class allows you to get quiet, release any self doubt and not be distracted by the outside influences so you can meditate and focus your attention inwards.

Our body is the vehicle to listening to our intuition. We experience physical sensations that let us know that our intuition is talking to us. Everyone will experience this communication differently, through sounds, visions, physical sensation through our body or by gut feel and many times this leads to an inner sense of ‘just knowing’.

The more you practice listening to your intuition the more you are able to make better decisions that serve your higher purpose.

You will find that by practicing and developing your intuition you will assimilate your life with your true nature and your purpose. Your life will align to your natural state of flow.

By becoming more attuned to your intuition and combining this with your Wing Chun practice you will be able to be more confident and capable to deal with any stressful situations.

If you want to experience the yin side of your Wing Chun practice this class is for you.

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