Open Class – Tuesdays 7 to 8:30 at Venus Fitness 3/61 Holdsworth St, Coorparoo

Open to anyone over 16 and to all fitness levels. Intuitive Wing Chun’s open class welcomes everyone with an open mind and a keen desire to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu from Sifu Antonella.

If you have never trained in Wing Chun before you will need to complete the 10 introductory class to establish if Wing Chun is suited to you.

In Sifu Antonella’s school there are no formal gradings and dysfunctional competition is discouraged. The only healthy competition supported is one with yourself to enhance your inner develoment and you will be a supportive non violent training partner to your kung fu brothers and sisters.

You will learn the principles of Wing Chun and become part of a class that supports and grows together. Each class is different but generally class starts with a quick and light warm up, Siu Nim Tao and then a combination of applications, drills, chi sau and forms.

As part of the school there will be opportunities to train outside of the classroom and join Antonella and her students at Yum Cha, training in nature, demonstrating at public events, visit Grandmaster Ip Chun and his senior students in Hong Kong and participate in community events.

Questions? Call Sifu Antonella on 042 331 0471 .

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