One on one sessions with a wise 5 year old
Measured, calm and thoughtful were my first impressions when I met Antonella and I wasn’t wrong.
This was evident in her approach to teaching my son, each session was constructed to ensure that his interests and needs were met. Antonella was able to impart her heartfelt wisdom onto him during their sessions and I would recommend her as a wonderful and wise Kung-Fu teacher.  SY – Mum 
One on one sessions with a woman who was raped in her teenage years.
It took me a long time to even decide to call Antonella. I met her at a public function and she was teaching for free. I liked the way she listened to me without judging and she was honest but caring at the same time. So many people think I’m a hard case and don’t want to deal with me. She spent time listening to my issues and she asked me what I wanted to learn. Usually I get told what’s best for me and I don’t have a choice. I know the time I spent with Antonella she made me more confident and now I can talk to others without feeling scarred. I wish I called her earlier. KO – Private student
One on one sessions in Roma Street Parklands
I met Antonella through my social support worker. I have mental health issues and can be unpredictable and not easy to deal with. It took me about 2 sessions to realise she didn’t care about my history and all the bad things I did. She said the journey is ahead and I felt safe with her. I have never been able to be candid and show my true personality to anyone but she made me feel comfortable. –  DK – Social Support Client

Coaching Client

Our first session was unlike anything I have experienced before in coaching and I have done my fair share. Even before we sat down Antonella got me to compete some questions.She understood me better than I understood myself. She has a way that I have not seen in others. She always goes up and above what and is probable Love You one of the few people I trust that can kick my ass but do it with love. If I could afford it I would have her as my permanent coach but she won’t let me see her longer than 6months at a time because I have to do the work on me now. AP – Entrepreneur


Coaching Client

I suffer from anxiety and it stops me from living a fun life. I have been coached on all levels. Physical, psychological and spiritual. I like the way Antonella puts things in perspective. It makes me question my thoughts. I recommend Antonella for coaching. LT – High School student


Testimonies from regular students

Where were you before you attended training with Antonella?

I wanted to study massage and acupuncture.

What made you decide to start training Intuitive Wing Chun ?

I wanted the connection between hard and soft.

What specific benefit have you received from the training?

Focus on the core, breathing and positive energy

How will studying Wing Chun impact your life?

Better focus and tolerance.

Where are you now that you have been training?

I’m in a better headspace, have positive energy, better focus and expanded mindset.

Who would you recommend this training to and why?

Anyone that wants to improve their connection between body and soul.


What made you decide to start training Intuitive Wing Chun ?

I had just experienced a very emotionally and mentally traumatic situation that had me questioning myself and my worth.  I had to leave a job that I had let define me and I found myself becoming more introverted and introspective, it was fair to say that at times I considered if it would be better to die than go through the pain I was experiencing.  This set me on a path to search for something more.

What make you decide to start training with Intuitive Wing Chun ?

I had thought about doing some form of martial arts again as I felt that I needed to find something to meet my needs on all levels.  It was then that I saw the add on Nabo and I decided to make contact. 

What specific benefit have you received from the training?

I feel like I am achieving something for me, I am re-learning a lot about myself and how I interact with the world.  I am gradually re-discovering my spiritual connection in this world.  Most of all I feel safe and worthwhile again.

How will this impact your life, business, work, relationships etc?

I want to live!  Whatever it takes.  It has taught me to protect myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I am learning through my training to be a better partner, father, friend and employee.  When I finally do go back into a leadership role in the corporate world I believe that my training will help me to be more aware of situations and I will be guarded.  I will try to not let what I do define who I am because I am learning that I am much better than that.

Where are you now that you have attended the training in relation to your life, business & goals?

I am becoming happier and learning not to react to situations but to be calm and breath.  I am becoming more confident again in both my personal and private life.  I am actively looking for my next career challenge whatever that maybe.   I am so grateful for what I have learnt through my training in such a short time, I am looking forward to seeing what else is in store for me.

Who would you recommend this training to (and why)?

I think it will be one of those situations that I will know the right person when I meet them.  I have told one person about it and he is interested but probably not quite ready just yet.  I am sure when it is the right time that he will approach me again.

Where were you before you attended training with Antonella?

Before attending the training I was feeling ok about life, I have previously trained martial arts, though in need of some more balance and thourough tuition. On Relationships in work and personal life and achieving goals there is always room for improvement.

What made you decide to start training Intuitive Wing Chun ?

I attend Wing Chun weekly to gain self confidence , learn self defence and maintaine a level of fitness and well being. Also the opportunity to learn from a qualified female instructor.

What specific benefit have you received from the training?

A specific beniefit from the training is having a more positive attitude and physically the ability to defend one self. Another useful benefit of the training is to be able to difuse certain situations,  calmy and swiftly for the benefit of everyone through positive energy.

How will studying Wing Chun impact your life?

This impacts life  greatly by presenting oneself in a more positive frame of mind,  impacts upon those around you to act accordingly or at least to perhaps allow them to reflect on their own behaviour . This in turn impacts on the way people respond or respect you and creates a more positive environment.

Where are you now that you have been training?

After aftending the training I am in a better place and more positive and more determined to achieve goals,  and life work and relationships are improving constantly .I feel I have made genuine change in my life to live a happier and healthier life.

Who would you recommend this training to and why?

I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to improve their life physically, mentally and spiritually. The training provides great growth and discipline for children , while allowing adults to see things from another perspective.

Where were you before attending the training in reaction to your life, self esteem and goals?

My smallies were in the early stages of recovering from significant trauma and traditional psychology treatment paths were not meeting their needs in termsof tapping into their own strength and building their own resilience.

 What made you decide to learn Intuitive Wing Chun?

Antonella, you have a calm strength and beautifully balanced approach to life that is entirely compatible with modern day to day challenges and expectations. You explained Wing Chun as providing the vehicle to access inner strength and discipline and achieve at their own pace. It was also that Intuitive Wing Chun uses physical contact in a safe and controlled environment with the emphasis on personal discipline. It was perfect.

What specific benefit have you received from training?

My children have recognised their own strength and are aware of their ability to accept their emotions and energy and how to manage them in a positive way. They have increased wellbeing.

 How will this impact your life, work, relationships etc?

They feel confident to choose how to respond to life’s challenges as opposed to feeling powerless over what happens to them.

 Where are you now that you have attended classes in relation to your life, self esteem and goals?

It is constantly improving.

Who do you think could benefit from these classes and why?

Everyone, but especially children. To raise a generation of emotionally responsible adults who use their physicality in a positive way, and can advocate for themselves without unnecessarily harming others, is an essential and exciting opportunity for our society!