Starting Tuesday 2nd April 7 to 8:30pm

Venus Fitness 3/61 Holdsworth St Coorparoo

While many martial art forms focus on harsh training and long-suffering fighting skills, Certified Instructor Sifu Antonella Spatola, with over 22 years of Kung Fu experience, takes a gentler, more holistic approach to the art of self-defence.

While Wing Chun is suitable for both men, women, teenagers, kids and seniors. Antonella brings you a more feminine method with a mixture of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual skills for self-defence and general well-being.

Despite the gentler approach Antonella  approaches the art of Wing Chun with the focus of learning skills of self defence and brings the elements of realism into her teachings.

If you want to dedicate time and energy to become proficient and skilled in your Wing Chun practice you are invited to discuss your goals with Sifu Antonella to establish if Wing Chun is suited to your needs.

If dedicating long hours and energy into martial art form is not your thing, you are invited to try Empowerment Self Defence (ESD) … You may be pleasantly surprised by the difference!