Wing Chun

While many martial art forms focus on harsh training and long-suffering fighting skills, Certified Instructor Sifu Antonella Spatola, with over 22 years of Kung Fu experience, takes a gentler, more holistic approach to the art of self-defence.

While Wing Chun is suitable for both men, women, teenagers, kids and seniors. Antonella brings you a more feminine method with a mixture of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual skills for self-defence and general well-being.

Despite the gentler approach Antonella  approaches the art of Wing Chun with the focus of learning skills of self defence and brings the elements of realism into her teachings.

If you want to dedicate time and energy to become proficient and skilled in your Wing Chun practice you are invited to discuss your goals with Sifu Antonella to establish if Wing Chun is suited your needs.

If dedicating long hours and energy into martial art form is not your thing, you are invited to try Empowerment Self Defence (ESD) … You may be pleasantly surprised by the difference!


  • No gradings
  • Wing Chun Instructor certified in Hong Kong
  • Certified ESD Global Self Defence Training Cert 1 in New York
  • Effective and natural self-defence style
  • Personalised instruction by Sifu Antonella
  • 22 years Wing Chun experience
  • Teaches based on students needs
  • Safe, accepting to all and non-intimidating classes
  • Mind, body and soul approach
  • Kids Classes
  • Women’s Only Class
  • Self Defence Applications
  • Added support for focusing and de-stressing with doTERRA Essential Oils


Intuitive Wing Chun fosters a different type of self-awareness to the norm and is based on the physical principles of conserving strength, using technique and your own natural structure.

Easy to learn, effective and confidence-building, Sifu Antonella teaches you not only the physical principles of Wing Chun but also mindset techniques to protect your mental and emotional well being. Sifu Antonella will also teach you simple to learn skills so you can defend yourself from emotional and psychological attacks in your personal and professional life.

If you are seeking greater fulfilment in your life. Sifu Antonella can also help you to start taking action, step by step through her coaching. You will learn skills with a broad range of applications to support each aspect of yourself – to build stability and a strength beyond just the physical.

Enjoy reprogramming your mindset so you can begin truly living a more authentic, passionate and purpose filled life.

Don’t be a victim of your circumstances. Reliving the undesirable parts of your life is exhausting for you and for the people around you. You can choose to re-train your deep-seated perceptions that impact how you think, feel and behave.

What does this have to do with self defence? Neuroscience has proved that certain mindsets react differently to physical attacks. Understanding your unconscious perceptions can be the key to unlocking your  inner power and ability to make a huge impact in your life leading to more self awareness.