Women’s Only Class – at Venus Fitness, Coorparoo

This weekly class is for the women who want to learn how to protect themselves. This class is fun and you will feel stronger, confident and it will empower you by realising the self defence is not complex. You will familiarise yourself with techniques that are effective and easy to learn

Antonella recently attended in New York a 6 day instructors bootcamp learning concepts and techniques on the methods of Empowerment through Self Defence.

You will receive useful advise and insights on how you can use your natural body structure that gives you instant feedback. The classes prepare you to cope with different types of violence; physical, verbal, sexual, emotional and lets you identify sources of strength, boundaries and emphasis on your self worth.

The challenge is to turn up.  Learn self defence from Antonella and you will be learning to become aware of all the various ways you can use your body to defend yourself through your body, voice and body language.

You will also learn non violent forms of self defence which can be used for non physical attacks.

These classes are designed with your needs in mind. Information will be valuable and  shaped in a way that is easy to understand and apply. You will have more confidence in yourself and a sense of protecting your boundaries.

Start today and soon you will start to notice that you will feel more grounded, focused and negative self talk will be eliminated. You will also develop core strength and learn to not be afraid to stand up for yourself.

Minimum of 5 women required for the class to happen. Please contact Antonella to register your interest.

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